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Kalipay Cosmetics is a firm of high-quality artisan products with the latest generation organic ingredients.

We take care of your beauty in a healthy way from the inside and outside.

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Must Serenity Excellsior

Must Serinity Excellsior cream for a supreme treatment of your skin. Longevity in your face, treatment for radiant and young skin, extraordinary exclusive formulation based on orchid stem cells, functional proteins and hyaluronic acid. Indicated for all skin types, but especially for skin that needs an extra supply of hydration and nutrition.

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  • Animal friendly

  • Vegan

  • Free colorants

  • Dermo tested

  • Free sulfate

  • Free salt
  • Free silicones
  • Forests forever

  • Ecological
  • Recyclable
  • Organic
  • Bio
  • Kalipay Cosmetics is committed to the environment by manufacturing totally natural, organic and vegan products.

    The risks of petroleum derivatives, chemical and synthetic products directly affect our body. Thus, Kalipay Côsmetics packages its products with ecological and recyclable materials. Among other aspects, biophotonic glass preserves the essence of Kalipay Côsmetics natural products, protecting raw materials from the harmful effects of light, increasing their durability, respecting and revitalizing their effectiveness.

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