Cosmética saludable

healthy cosmetics

Here we present the new healthy cosmetics, Kalipay.

It has been created in Spain and offers a complete line of products with natural ingredients suitable for all skin types.

Anti-aging properties thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C, which protects against free radical damage caused by exposure to pollution and other environmental factors. It also helps stimulate collagen production, making it a great option for wrinkle prevention.
A light texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving residue or a greasy feeling. Ideal if you are acne prone or oily skin. The product contains soothing Aloe vera extract so your face doesn't feel tight after applying it either.

Where can I get them? You can find them in any beauty center, spa or on our website.

Why should I buy Kalipay over other cosmetic brands? Because they are healthier and of better quality; Also, they come from Spain, so we like to support local businesses whenever possible :)

Natural cosmetics is a cosmetic that does not contain synthetic, animal or petroleum-derived ingredients.

Natural cosmetics is a way of caring for health and the environment.

This form of beauty is very good for the skin and for our planet.

At Kalipay we create sustainable and healthy cosmetics for the whole family. These will not only help you take care of your skin but also the environment. What we do is simple: we use natural, vegan and organic ingredients, which are free of toxic ingredients such as dyes or parabens. The products are biodegradable and respect the natural biodiversity of planet Earth.

Vegan cosmetics is one that does not have products of animal origin.

In Kalipay there is no animal cruelty and it has not been tested on animals either.

Healthy cosmetics is not only Kalipay, it is knowing what you put on your children.

The importance of knowing what you are putting on your skin cannot be overstated. Knowing what you're putting into your body can also have a profound effect on your health. When it comes to your children's health, it's crucial that you're also aware of what's going on in their bodies. The same goes for the cosmetics you use. If you want them to be healthy and safe, do some research before choosing them.

Cosmetics are not just about beauty; they are also an integral part of hygiene and personal care. Without proper hygiene we would run the risk of infections by bacteria such as staphylococcus or streptococcus. These bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments, such as those found between your toes or fingers, even in your ears. They can spread very quickly when you don't wash your hands often enough after using public restrooms (which is why hand sanitizer is so popular).

If you are looking for the best natural products for facial and body care, Kalipay is the brand that can help you. We have a wide range of natural beauty products that are not only good for your skin, but also safe for children and pets. Our goal is to provide a reliable and responsible service.

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