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Draining Orange

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Draining for patients with edematous cellulite or fluid retention. Orange flavor.

Active principles

Black currant, burdock, milk thistle, sarsaparilla, dandelion, green nettle, birch, zinc and mint.


500 mL


(Height/Width/Depth) 27.5 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm


-Black currant Increases the elimination of fluids, urinary tract washing and relief of joint pain. -Burdana Anti-acne effect, increases urinary flow and helps in treatment for seborrheic states. -Milk thistle Strengthens liver function. -Sarsaparilla Diuretic effect used as a cleanser in dermatological problems, acne, dermatitis and psoriasis. -Dandelion Increases the amount of urine, cleaning the urinary tract and kidneys and alleviates digestive problems. -Green nettle Diuretic and as such cleansing, slightly hypoglycemic and adjuvant in the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis and / or rheumatic conditions. -Birch Increases urine flow and prevents the formation of kidney stones. -Zinc For hepatic dysfunctions and dermatological alterations. -Mint Relieves the symptoms of digestive problems such as gastritis, flatulence and a feeling of indigestion, heartburn and dyspepsia.


Drains specifically formulated for patients with edematous cellulite or fluid retention caused by diet or certain habits, as a complement to any diet that aims to lose volume or in silhouette treatments and to combat retention associated with menopause. When we are on a diet, want to lose a little weight or just feel a little better, drinking plenty of fluids is essential. It helps eliminate fluid retention and deflate, favors the elimination of fat and improves skin elasticity, among many other benefits. If in addition to water we drink a draining and purifying infusion, we can see faster results. Although these infusions are beneficial at any time of the day, they reach their maximum level of effectiveness in the morning and combined with manual lymphatic drainage or wood therapy, incredible results will be achieved. Having the help of these natural drainers will help us lose weight and feel better about our body. Black Currant is one of the most complete vegetable oils for sensitive skin, excessively dry or oily, dehydrated or with dermal skin conditions. It also has a very important function as a histamine regulator, essential in allergic skin treatments and in cosmetics that contain a large proportion of active ingredients.

How to use it

Developed on the basis of prebiotics capable of achieving a complete purification of the body and liposomal active ingredients that provide a greater amount of nutrients to the skin, it rebalances and prepares the body to look and feel good from within. Our body constantly performs purification processes naturally. However, today, the amount and intensity of toxic load has increased, creating an overload in all organs. To help the body purify toxins in a healthy and natural way, Kalipay developed the Draining product, a 15-day first purifying stage, prior to taking any other nutricosmetic, which rebalances and prepares the body from within. It is very important to follow a varied diet, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals to delay skin aging. However, the insufficiency of these nutrients has a direct impact on the vitality and quality of the skin. That is why nutricosmetics supplement these deficiencies, acting from the inside of the organism and reaching the deepest layers of the skin, where products for topical use have no interference. -Dosage Dilute 25 ml in a liter of water, drink the syrup, mainly in the morning. -Contraindications Pregnancy, lactation, do not administer to children under 12 years of age, heart or kidney failure, arrhythmias, thyroid problems and acute arthritis. Check with your doctor about drug interactions.