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Kalipay Cosmetics

Microbiota Serum

Facial serum for mature skin.

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Microbiota regulator for healthy and beautiful skin. Face and body.

Active principles

Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Aloe Vera, Red Sage, Porcelain Flower Nectar, Nasturtium, Chamomile, Hamamelis, Roses, Organic Calendula, Organic Rosehip and Vitamin E.


30 mL


(Height/Width/Depth) 10 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm


Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Aloe Vera, Red Sage, Porcelain Flower Nectar, Nasturtium, Chamomile, Hamamelis, Roses, Organic Calendula, Organic Rosehip and Vitamin E.


What is a serum?
A cosmetic serum is a treatment product that is characterized by having a high concentration of active ingredients in its formula and by having a texture that favors deep action and rapid absorption.

What is a serum for?
In its beginnings, serums were used to apply to facial skin, but today they are also used for the body or hair. Its main benefit is its high effectiveness in combating a problem and meeting the need for which it has been developed.

A facial serum. How does it work?
The serum is the perfect and necessary complement to your cream; both always work in synergy. In other words, the serum is the basis of a treatment that is complemented by the action of day and night creams, since it enhances its effects and benefits. So it is not a substitute for a cream, it is a complement.

When does it apply? And what kind of serum is needed?
We can find serums in gel, oil or even emulsion textures and all of them are serums. The ideal is to apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night, always with clean skin.
It is a specific protective treatment for post-treatment dosages such as micro-pigmentation, dermapen, mesotherapy or any other type in which the skin's morphology is affected. During the aging process, the symbiosis between the skin and its microbiota weakens and can damage its integrity. Kalipay Cosmetics has developed this bio-inspired serum based on the regulating capacity of floral nectar microbiota, rich in yeast peptides from porcelain flowers.
Soothes and regulates the skin's skin ecology by creating a barrier, improving the luminosity of the complexion, especially in mature and aged skin.

How to use it

A daily facial care routine is not a beauty or anti-aging treatment where you have to randomly apply a cream or buy an anti-aging serum and wait for results by magic. There are a number of habits that will make a difference when it comes to achieving results with an anti-aging treatment for the face. -CLEAN THE SKIN BEFORE APPLYING THE TREATMENT Before applying the facial serum, we must ensure that the skin is well prepared. Clean the skin of the face with your Kalipay cleansing mousse and then exfoliate if necessary. For this you can combine the Neroli tonic with the Kalipay enzymatic peeling. This helps prep your skin and remove any buildup or debris that could hinder your serum's absorption. Thus, you will get the facial serum to penetrate the dermis better to begin to heal your skin from within. APPLY THE TONER When it comes to skin care, the correct application in the right order of the products you use is essential to achieve the best results. The general rule is to apply products based on their viscosity, so always start by applying the most liquid serums or products and end with the thickest or densest. After cleansing, a small amount of Neroli and alcohol-free facial toner is applied to a cotton ball or pad. In small, smooth circles, apply the toner to the entire face. Pay particular attention to the hairline, chin, cheeks, and nose. Nor should we forget the neck area. -APPLY THE SERUM ON THE FACE GENTLY After cleansing and moisturizing the skin, it's time to apply the product that gives us the real results, the Kalipay facial serum. It is always important to carefully read the instructions of the face serum. So you can know what kind of ingredients it contains and if they are all natural or not. At Kalipay all the ingredients we use are of natural origin and our factory makes sure that they always retain all their properties. -Use your fingertips to gently apply the serum to your face and neck then lightly tap, pat and smooth the serum. Avoid pulling on the skin and rubbing too hard, allowing the product to absorb on its own once it has smoothed on. -The second method is to use the palms of the hands. Apply 2 to 4 drops of serum in the palm of the hand. Gently rub the palms of your hands together to warm and activate the serum. Lightly press palms into skin and pat serum in outward and upward motions until fully applied to face and neck.