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8005 Thermogenic

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They facilitate weight reduction and activation of the parasympathetic system.

Active principles

L-Tyrosine, zinc, vitamin B3, Kelp algae, Orthosiphon, green coffee and CLA Linoleic acid.


60 qt


(Height/Width/Depth) 6 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm


-L-Tyrosine Its supplementation seeks to preserve the health of the nervous system; precursor of the thyroid hormone that has an important role in metabolism and regulation of body weight. -Zinc Involved in protein metabolism; it also seems that there is a relationship between a lack of zinc and obesity, -Vitamin B3 Necessary in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids; contributes to the regulation of cholesterol rates. -Kelp Seaweed Stimulating thyroid effect indicated for the treatment of obesity and diets to lose weight; when ingested they increase in size, so they have a satiating effect. -Ortosiphon High level of minerals; among its analyzed properties we highlight its diuretic, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic, hypolipemic, anti-obesity, gastroprotective and osteoprotective action. -Green coffee Caffeine is used as an adjunct in the treatment of migraines and overweight; Due to its chlorogenic acid content, it helps to reduce the absorption of fats. -CLA Conjugated linoleic acid Helps the body absorb protein, reduces fat and increases muscle mass.


Treatment indicated for weight reduction, popularly known as fat burning. They are metabolic activators because they activate the sympathetic adrenal system. This sympathetic adrenal system is also activated to produce immediate energy in situations of stress or struggle. By activating this system, we gain energy, but also at the metabolic level, lipolysis is activated, that is, the production of energy from the fats found in adipocytes. They produce an activation of the nervous system and, therefore, activate all the processes of energy production. Among them, they increase the availability of energy and the use of fatty acids to produce energy, even at rest. Another of the effects that thermogenics have is that they increase the body's basal temperature, so that they activate metabolism from fats. The thermogenics that are really effective are those that do not have a significant effect on the nervous system but instead activate us metabolically to reduce fat. It's hard to find them, but there are. They are the ones that contain small amounts of these activating nutrients (L-Tyrosine, Zinc, Kelp algae, Ortosifón and green coffee) but that are combined looking for synergies to be effective.

How to use it

In states of anxiety, nervousness and poor sleep, symptoms of premenopause and menopause, fatigue as well as unbalanced moods. -Posology It is designed for a treatment lasting 20 days. Three capsules daily before the main meals. -Contraindications Pregnancy, lactation, do not administer to children under 12 years of age, kidney or heart failure and thyroid problems. Cardiovascular problems and hypertension. It can cause insomnia, so it is recommended not to take it after 5 in the afternoon.