Kalipay Côsmetics is a company that comes from the evolution of several cosmetic firms with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

It is made up of a highly qualified work team at a human and professional level that develops innovative products to satisfy the needs of the professional and the final consumer.

Kalipay Cosmetics products are aimed at both professionals in the sector (beauty centers or distributors) and individuals.

The final consumer of Kalipay Cosmetics products is a consumer who values ​​personal well-being, health, as well as inner and outer beauty.

Kalipay Cosmetics is a high-end cosmetics firm, specialized in vegan and natural products, with state-of-the-art active ingredients, paraben-free, organic, recycled and not tested on animals.

Kalipay Cosmetics is dedicated to the development of high-end natural cosmetics and the innovation of cosmetics in combination with the latest salon protocols.

Our philosophy is mainly based on the development of natural products that provide optimal results, with a common objective: to care for and pamper the skin, provide everything necessary for it to appear young and nourished thanks to natural cosmetic processes, without adding synthetic products that can hurt or irritate it, with the sole purpose of achieving beautiful, healthy, hydrated, luminous skin and in perfect health.

Natural cosmetics have been eclipsed for many years due to marketing and the strength that traditional cosmetics have acquired.

Luckily cosmetic habits are changing and we are recovering the essence of "good cosmetics".

Many traditional brands use filler ingredients during their manufacturing; This means that they do not have any "beneficial" function on the skin since it does not provide anything special, it is only used to lower costs.

It is not the same to use mineral oil derived from petroleum, which does not have any active ingredients, than to use almond oil, which has 100% active ingredients.

When we apply to the skin a product where everything is active ingredients, everything has an objective, the skin will react much better making each and every one of them perform the specific function for which it has been formulated at INCI and therefore the results will be much faster and more efficient.

Kalipay Cosmetics products make the skin better tolerate active ingredients and absorb everything we apply to it, so it is not only more permeable and active. By using products that do not clog the pores, the skin receives absolutely all the product, making the results visible and its application being 100% beneficial.

Kalipay Cosmetics offers natural, healthy and 100% toxic-free cosmetics. By philosophy we do not work with ingredients that have been tested on animals.

We take care of the environment by using recycled materials, while making sure to promote the local economy. We are aware of protecting the environment and everything that this entails.

For Kalipay Cosmetics, the skin is an organ. Our beauty concept focuses on conceiving the skin as a living organ and, therefore, it must be cared for and treated as such, with cosmetics that contain natural active ingredients and that act from a global or holistic point of view. Only in this way will we achieve our goal: to restore health to the skin and achieve authentic and healthy beauty.