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Scrubber, detoxifier and hepatoprotector.

Active principles

Milk thistle, dandelion, black radish, horsetail and artichoke.


45 qt


(Height/Width/Depth) 6 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm


Milk Thistle (purifier, detoxifier and anti-inflammatory), Dandelion (purifier, anti-inflammatory and intestinal regulator), Black Radish (immunostimulant, diuretic, purifier and hepatoprotective), Horsetail (diuretic and hemostatic) and artichoke (hepatoprotective, diuretic and anti-inflammatory ).


The liver is the largest organ in the human body. It receives most of the blood (85%) and drains almost all of the blood from the intestine. All absorbed food goes directly to the liver, where it can be stored for use when needed. It is the body's nutrient processor; It is the organ in charge of metabolizing a huge amount of minerals and nutrients. It is the great scrubber; It fulfills the function of getting rid of harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs and other chemical substances such as additives and pesticides. Deactivates and eliminates hormones that remain in the blood circulation. He is in charge of our good digestion. Hepatocytes in the liver secrete about a liter of bile. A part is stored in the gallbladder to be released along with digestion. Bile is in charge of emulsifying fats, stimulating the movement of the intestines and preventing putrefaction and abnormal fermentation. There, excess cholesterol and toxic substances that do not dissolve in water are eliminated. What is liver cleansing or "Detox"? In a protocol through which we give our body guidelines for food, supplementation, and movement to help the liver do its cleansing work more efficiently, so to speak, so that it dedicates itself to cleansing without any external agent (like some food) that hinders its function. Detoxification is a metabolic activity that allows the body to transform a toxic substance into a derivative that can be eliminated through feces or urine. Cleansing the liver is cleansing the mind, according to countless treatises of world wisdom in the area of ​​traditional natural medicines, where liver cleansing finds its place and is considered a very important therapeutic step. Kalidetox is a cleanser and hepatoprotector that helps to detoxify the liver, lungs and kidneys. This detoxification has a great effect on the quality of the skin and acts to enhance the results of any aesthetic treatment, both on the face and on the body. It is especially indicated in cases of acne.

How to use it

In the two important season changes, spring and autumn for acne. It is the beginning of skin care treatments. The duration of the treatment will oscillate between 1 month (seasonal changes, start of aesthetic care) or 2 months (acne treatments). -Dosage Take one capsule half an hour before breakfast and half an hour before lunch. -Contraindications: Hypertension, severe heart disease, pregnancy, lactation, lithiasis, arrhythmias and thyroid disorders. Do not administer to children under 12 years of age.